Music Monday – Purdue Avenue

Today’s Music Monday is a little bit different, because it comes from two of our very own Team Swagbucks members.  Mendy, who you might recognize from Office Wars, plays guitar in the band Purdue Avenue, while Jon, who you should know from Happy Hour with Frontline Support, plays bass.  Purdue Avenue, formed in late December of 2008, is an alternative SoCal rock band based in LA whose music contains the raw energy of a young Weezer and Sublime.  The band was first noticed by – and asked to open for – Moshav, an accomplished LA rock band that has been touring the world for over 10 years.  After their impressive first gig, Purdue Avenue got such rave reviews that the talented ensemble of young musicians decided to record their debut EP.  Each song is catchier than the next and even a first time listener finds himself singing along immediately.  Here is “Gotta Be” off of their debut EP, Alone At The Bar.

Click here to check out Purdue Avenue’s bandcamp page, where you can download their brand new EP titled “Alone at the bar” for FREE!  Also be sure to “Like” their Facebook Page for all official updates, and subscribe to their YouTube channel to stay up to date on the latest songs and videos.