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Froobi Daily Deals: Sunbeam Hot-Iron Locking Storage Case – 2 Choices

Posted by on Fri, June 15th, 2012 at 9:00 am

Made of durable heat-resistant plastic, this hot-iron storage case offers a safe method for storing any full-size iron while it’s still hot–no more needing to leave it out to cool first before putting it away. The unit can be mounted on the wall or placed on a shelf, plus it comes with an ergonomic handle for comfortable carrying. The ergonomic handle doubles as a locking mechanism to keep everyone and everything away from the heat. In addition, the case provides a separate compartment for holding up to a 12-foot power cord and a water-cup accessory. To use, simply turn off and unplug the iron; pull up on the latch to open the lid; insert the iron nose first, resting the iron on the silicone pads; neatly fold the cord into the cord-storage area; then close the lid and snap the latch shut. The hot-iron storage case measures approximately 16 by 7 by 7 inches and carries a one-year limited warranty. Only at

List Price: $34.99
Froobi Price: $12.99
You Save: 63%
Rebate:20 Swag Bucks
Get it Now at 


Fresh Water pearls not only look great but they are a bargain! Today’s earrings are not your average pearl stud earrings. These earrings bring unique personality to your everyday wardrobe with their pretty green hue and are perfect to add some color to your outfit, or to give to that special person in your life. Get or give the gift of unique elegance with today’s deal. Available at 

List Price: $59
Froobi Price: $3.99
You Save: 94%
Rebate: 15 Swag Bucks
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Mega Swag Bucks Day Has Gone To The Dogs

Posted by on Fri, June 15th, 2012 at 7:00 am
We may have started this week with a woof, but we’re ending it with a bang: Mega Swag Bucks Day! If you’re new to these parts, it’s a day of big wins and big bucks – Team Swagbucks is giving away more than 1,000,000 Swag Bucks in TODAY. Today you have a chance of winning ... Read More »

Connect To Facebook Through Swagbucks

Posted by on Thu, June 14th, 2012 at 5:00 pm
Did you know that you can log in to Swagbucks using your Facebook account?  To do this, first logout of your account on Swagbucks.  You will then see the log in screen.  Click “Join with Facebook:” From here, a window will pop up.  Click on “Log In With Facebook:” Once you select Log In, you ... Read More »

Golden Flowers

Posted by on Thu, June 14th, 2012 at 3:00 pm
Do you have a 2012 graduate in your life that you want to congratulate?  Do you want to show him/her how proud you are?  Make it count by adding a Reva Expanding Flower Vase to your flower bouquet delivery.  Reva Vase is the amazing expandable vase.  Just fill it up half way with water and ... Read More »

Gophers On The Move!

Posted by on Thu, June 14th, 2012 at 2:00 pm
The relationship between Swagbucks and Big Fish Games is seeming more and more like it was destined to be. They given us special offers for you, provided us with Fairway Solitaire for Swagbucks Games, and now they’ve partnered with us to give away a new iPad HD! You may not have known this, but Fairway ... Read More »

Twitter Trivia Is Around The Bend

Posted by on Thu, June 14th, 2012 at 1:00 pm
The Dads and Grads have settled their differences, so now it’s time to hook you up in 140 characters or less. It’s time for you to settle in for Twitter Trivia, the online quiz game where I give you the questions, you give me the answers and TSG gives you the Swag Bucks! Step right ... Read More »

DADness Final – Who Will Win?

Posted by on Thu, June 14th, 2012 at 11:00 am
Yesterday was the semi-finals of DADness – the competition to find the best TV/Movie dad of all time.  We had Ray Barone from Everybody Loves Raymond facing Tim Taylor from Home Improvement and George Banks from Father of the Bride facing Shrek from Shrek.  Only two dads could continue on to the final round.  Let’s ... Read More »

Froobi Daily Deals: Simple Mobile Activation Kit including Sim Card

Posted by on Thu, June 14th, 2012 at 9:00 am
Have a phone that uses a SIM card and is Unlocked? ‎Join the SIM revolution and start saving money now! Why pay $12, or more with a competitor or even worse pay $35 for a replacement SIM card only to keep paying a ridiculously higher cell phone bill? With today’s deal you will be well ... Read More »

Happy Flag Day

Posted by on Thu, June 14th, 2012 at 7:00 am
On June 14th, 1777, the flag was adopted by the United States of America.  Today marks the 235th anniversary of this momentous occasion in our country’s history.  The adoption of the flag was an outcome of the resolution of the Second Continental Congress.  Not only are we celebrating the adoption of the flag, but we ... Read More »

Dance Instruction Wednesday – Dance Your Way To 250 Swag Bucks

Posted by on Wed, June 13th, 2012 at 5:00 pm
For this week’s Dance Instruction Wednesday, we’re going to do something a little bit different.  I’m going to show you an instructional dance video on the Tango.  Watch the video carefully, and then try it out for yourself.  In this dance, you will need a dancing partner.  Once you have mastered the steps, take a ... Read More »