Poll Round-Up – Week of June 16, 2012

Hey Swaggernauts!  I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Last week our Daily Polls got a makeover – I hope you all like the new look!  Let’s check out last week’s results.


It made me smile to see that 6% of our Swaggernauts are still with the person who was their first kiss – good for all of you!  Was your first kiss experience a drama, a romance, a comedy, or a horror?

Looks like most of our Swaggernauts didn’t stay within the family business.  Do any of you still currently work in a business that’s been in your family for generations?  What’s the business?

I was glad to see that most of our users are non-smokers – keep those lungs healthy so you can enjoy many more years of swagging!

There’s nothing better than warm, fresh, soft, chewy, chocolate chip cookies.  Mmm…my mouth starts to water just thinking about it!  Do you have a special, secret ingredient you use when making cookies?

I can’t say I’ve ever forged somebody else’s signature, but I am guilty of practicing my if-I-become-a-big-Hollywood-star signature.  You know, preparing for all of those autographs I would have to give.

I was never a big fan of the Punch Buggy game.  For some reason I was always the one getting punched.  I guess my buggy radar is a bit delayed or not as advanced as my Punch Buggy opponents.

I hope you guys are enjoying the new look of our Daily Polls page.  It seems that a lot of you like the new pie chart for results – I like it too, it’s nice and colorful!  I also love the fact that we can now talk about the polls together, so now not only can you vote, you can explain why you voted for what you did.

Keep voting in the Daily Polls to earn your Daily Bonus Buck, and send your poll suggestions to PollIdeas@Swagbucks.com.