Swagbucks Book Club – Meet The Author: Chapter 3

Welcome to Swagbucks Book Club, today we continue our month-long spotlight series of Swaggernaut Authors with Amanda Johnston (aka jobhaer) and her book The Broken Road.  Check out our previous discussions with the authors of Are We Walking To Alaska? and Tales of Pixie the Cat: Four Short Stories.  Next Friday in the Swagbucks Book Club we will meet the author of Vengeance Is Mine, Zada Leon and on Friday, June 29 we will discuss this month’s book club selection Kicksaw Candies by R.K. Finnell.  All of these books are available as Kindle editions in the Swag Store.

Below is a brief synopsis of The Broken Road.  Please join us in the comments as we discuss this work as well as the writing process and any other questions you may have for jobhaer.  I will be choosing 10 random comments and hooking up the users with 25 Swag Bucks each so don’t be shy.

And just in case you missed it, check out a brief Get To Know video that explains the birth of the Swagbucks Book Club.


The Broken Road


In 1882 Colorado, Lydia Ghering has successfully kept her boarding school open during the year following her husband’s unexpected death. Self-reliant and determined, Lydia takes pride in her ability to carry on, but her resilience comes at a price.

Ethan McKinley is journeying across the country to fulfill his life’s ambition of captaining a ship when he finds himself stranded in Colorado foothills after a train wreck. His arrival at Lydia’s doorstep looking for temporary work kindles a friendship that causes him to question the destiny he has always pursued.
As their friendship deepens, Lydia must confront secrets from her past, while Ethan must decide his future. Both must seek their answers from the one who offers all they need.