Swagbucks Book Club – Meet The Author

June is Meet the Swaggernaut Author Month here in the Swagbucks Book Club.  Each week we will meet a Swagbucks user whom is also a published author!  We will learn more about their work and the journey from inception to realization, and beyond.

The full schedule of authors and their works is available here.  We have also made all the books we will spotlight available as Kindle editions in the Swag Store so please take a minute to check them out and support our fellow Swaggernauts.

Today’s guest is JoAnn Dunlap Bayne, also known by her Swag Name joanndunlap11, author of Are We Walking To Alaska?

Southeast Alaska was far away and unknown to a six year old girl from sunny California. When her parents decided to move to Alaska in the summer of 1952 they left many comforts behind, as well as their extended family and a cherished doll. There were adventures ahead, and many new and wonderful things to learn and explore. Living without the luxuries of California, the family relied on hard work to make it in Alaska. They hauled water and ice for washing, cooking and drinking. They shared the hard work of a commercial fishing boat and enjoyed the animals and natural surroundings, including a squirrel who visited through a trap door and kittens that could swim. Published in September 2011 by CreateSpace.

joanndunlap11 was born in Sacramento California, living in rural California for the first six years of her life – and then her family moved to Southeast Alaska.  She has been a Swaggernaut for nearly 2 years.


I spoke with joanndulap11 earlier, posing a few questions which I will post with answers in the comments section.  Please feel free to join the conversation and ask her any questions you may have about her adventures in Alaska or her writing process. I will be choosing 10 random comments and hooking up the users with 25 Swag Bucks each so don’t be shy.

And come back next Friday as we meet Zi Kehimkar, (Swag Name: warriorkona), author of two children’s books: Tales of Pixie The Cat: Four Short Stories and Newfoundland Nights: The Invisible Newf and Other Stories.