The Euro Cup Starts Tomorrow

As I’m sure many of you know, we have a lot of Swaggernauts in the UK.  A few months ago we introduced you to Nick who is our UK Team Swagbucks representative.  He’s been adding a lot of great content to the UK Swagbucks Blog that I’m sure our UK Swaggernauts are really enjoying.  The Euro Cup begins tomorrow, and being that that is not something we typically follow here in the US, I thought I’d turn to Nick to help me inform you all about the event.  Here is one of his blog posts from the UK Swagbucks Blog.

This year’s Euro 2012 is about to kick off on Friday, with the opening match seeing co-hosts Poland taking on former winner Greece.

And this year’s event is seen as pretty open with as many as half of the 16 teams coming in with realistic hopes. European and World Champions Spain are obviously the favourites, but their players have been on the go for a long time and they have a few injury concerns. The young Germany team are fancied to go well but much will depend on how the Bayern Munich players recover from the Champions League defeat to Chelsea. And then there is Holland, England, Italy, France, Portugal and Russia, all with a decent shot.

Thanks, Nick, for filling us in on the Euro Cup scoop!  To those of you who are following the event, who are you rooting for?