The NEW iPad Could Be Yours!

When the Apple iPad was first introduced, a new generation was born.  It was the newest and most innovative, must-have gadget that circled around the world.  It started a trend all throughout the technology industry, forcing other companies to come up with similar tablets in order to compete and stay current.  Then, to keep all of its competitors on their toes, Apple had the nerve to release an even better product with the Apple iPad 2, which incorporated the dual cameras.  Now, if you had an iPad, if it wasn’t the newest model, it wasn’t good enough.

“You have an iPad!?”


“Is it the iPad 2?”

“No, it’s the first one.”

“Oh, nevermind.”

And now, Apple has officially released the third generation of the iPad.  With upgraded technology, the Apple iPad 3 features a stunning Retina display with four times more pixels than iPad 2.  Apple has done it again!  Another product added to hundreds of thousands of wishlists all around the world.  But guess what?  For as little as 28 Swag Bucks, you can check it off your wishlist and win your very own iPad 3 right here from Swagbucks!

The new Apple iPad’s Retina display completely transforms the entire iPad experience, so everything looks and feels incredibly lifelike and perfectly detailed.  The new iPad also features Apple’s 5-megapixel iSight camera. Make a picture perfect, edit an HD movie, record a track, read a novel or write one, present your big idea.  Apple apps from the App Store are designed by the people who designed the iPad, and they give you the power and versatility to do more than you ever thought possible.  Wherever you go.  All the great stuff on your iPad — your music, photos, and videos — can stream wirelessly to your HDTV and speakers via Apple TV or to AirPlay-enabled speakers over a Wi-Fi network.  With just a tap on the AirPlay icon, you can rock the house with your favorite album, have a movie night, or show off some photos.  Apple has a reputation for game-changing technology, and the new iPad 3 is no exception!

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Good luck!