The Rolling Smartphone

Hi Swaggernauts – this is TSG.  I was checking out this website earlier today,, and found a really cool article that I had to share.  It introduces the newest and most innovative use of transportation.  Nowadays, people are trying to find the next big and better thing – whether it’s cars that can fly or cars that run on anything but gasoline.  Recently, a Bay-area based electric vehicle designer, Lit, has come up with one of the coolest inventions that they’ve named a “rolling smartphone.”  It’s a “fully protected motorcycle that is 70 percent safer than a traditional motorcycle and nearly impossible to knock over” (  The “smartphone” aspect comes from its ability to constantly receive update on traffic, weather, and other information.  Something tells me that this has the potential to be the vehicle of the future.

To read the whole article and unveil the secrets of this invention, click here.