Twitter Tuesday Phrase That Pays – June 20, 2012

ttptp twitter bird

In yesterday’s TTPTP I asked you, if you could take credit for any invention what would it be and why?

The three runners up, who will each be getting 50SB are:

“I would take credit for inventing Fridays. Everyone says TGIF–I’d take credit for that.” – evilbeth of Telford, TN

“I invented cloning so that the statement, “Me, Myself, & I” won’t just be a smart alec comment anymore… :D” – marshaecleveland of Warsaw, IN

“I would take credit for sliced bread. It has been the benchmark of all inventions since — “the best thing since sliced bread!” :)” – ChristieStruck of Petoskey, MI

This week’s TTPTP winner who will be receiving 500SB is…

” I would take credit for inventing Facebook. I’d have millions of friends, and everyone would ‘like’ me!”

Congratulations, BrgdyRose of Hooksett, NH!

Great job to everyone!

Until next time,