Find Us On Flickr

Did you know that at Swagbucks we have our own Flickr photostream?  Did you know that your pictures could be featured on our Official Flickr page?  Did you know that you could earn Swag Bucks just from sharing your photos with us?  That’s right!  As soon as you unwrap your goodies you’ve redeemed from Swag Bucks, snap a photo of yourself holding up your new swag.  Send that photo to and you’ll get a nice 10 Swag Bucks in return!  We’ll then add that photo to our Flickr photostream for all of your fellow Swaggernauts to see!  Sending photos is a great way to prove to your friends and family that Swagbucks really works!

You can access our Flickr page by hovering over the “Tools” tab at the top of our website, and clicking on “Even More:”

From here you’ll see our Flickr icon:

Or, access all of the user submitted photos on our Flickr page simply by clicking here.

Here is today’s final clue: When you think you have figured out where TSG is, go to our Flickr page and search the Official Swagbucks Photostream for that city.  One of the resulting photos will have an 8 Swag Buck code good until 3pm PDT.  Good luck!