Happy Hour with Jon from Frontline Support

Greetings Swaggernauts!


Jon here from the Swagbucks Frontline Support Team with yet another Happy Hour blog post. We do Happy Hour every week to review different components and details of our site to help refresh our users with common policies. Today’s Topic on Tap is “Easy Ways to Earn.” I will review some parts of the site that can guarantee some easy bucks daily.

Let’s start off with the Daily Earning Checklist:

 Users can earn an easy 4 Swag Bucks daily from their Daily Earning Checklist:

  • Toolbar
      • Earn 1 Swag Buck daily for accessing Swagbucks.com once your Toolbar has been installed.
  • Daily Poll
      • Earn 1 Swag Buck daily for participating in the daily poll
      • You can access the daily poll by clicking the link on your checklist.
  • NOSO
      • Earn 2 Swag Bucks daily for completing the NOSO path
      • You can access the NOSO path by clicking the link on your checklist.

Here are some other easy ways to earn some Swag Bucks:

  • SBTV
      • Earn 3 Swag Bucks every time your meter hits 100%
      • Each video should advance your meter by 10%
      • Earn up to 150 Swag Bucks per day.
  • Video Ad Survey
      • Watch the video and answer a question for 3 Swag Bucks
      • Found in your Swagbucks inbox
      • Some users may receive these daily, while others can receive them less frequently.
  • Swag Codes
      • Found randomly on Facebook, Twitter, Blog, and Widget daily.
      • Swag Codes are time and case sensitive
      • Values can range between 1 and 20 Swag Bucks (average).
  • Searching
      • Earn anywhere between 1 and 50 Swag Bucks daily when using the Swagbucks search engine.
      • Issued periodically by our automated system.
      • Users will cycle through periods of consistent wins and periods of little or no wins.
  • Referrals
      • Earn all matching Swag Bucks from your referral, earned from searches only.
      • Earn up to 1000 Swag Bucks per referral.
      • No limit to the amount of referrals you can have.
      • Send user a referral link to link accounts (see below):

If a user is able to complete these tasks daily and take full potential of the potential earnings, one could easily earn thousands of Swag Bucks every month.

What is a good Happy Hour without a great deal? As always, we offer our 2 for 1 Happy Hour prizes for the winner of our weekly challenge. The first user to provide the correct answer to our challenge will win a $5 Amazon gift card, as well as a piece of our official Swagbucks gear! I will also credit 4 random users who provide the correct answer with 25 Swag Bucks. Be sure to read the question and all details carefully:

For the month of July, Regina Swagger was able to complete her daily goal checklist, as well as max out her SBTV earnings every single day. She was also able to rack up 85 Swag Bucks in search wins for the month of July as well. Regina currently has two referrals, one earning 75 Swag Bucks in search wins, and the other with 54 Swag Bucks in search wins, all accumulated in the month of July. How many Swag Bucks was Regina able to earn in July based off her Daily Earning Checklist, SBTV, and referrals alone?

This challenge will last approximately one hour from the time it was posted before it self destructs….. just kidding, we’ll just select the winner at that time 🙂