Hockey in the Summer

Hope you enjoyed yesterday’s Greek themed puzzle game.  If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s a lot like solitaire and good fun.  Check it out here.  Next in our series of new athletics based games is Field Hockey.

If you’ve never played Field Hockey before, don’t worry, you won’t have to learn all the rules.  In our new Field Hockey game, you just have to focus on shooting.  The first 4 shots, you shoot from a stationary position.  Move your player from side to side with by moving your mouse left and right.  Aim by placing the cursor at the base of where you’d like the player to start his swing from.  By placing the cursor to the left of the ball, you will shoot the ball toward the right.  By placing the cursor to the right of the ball, you will shoot the ball toward the left.  The arrow will help you in setting your aim.

You set the lift of the swing by positioning the cursor beneath the ball.  For a low hit against the ground, click right at the level of the ball.  To arc it up toward the crossbar, click significantly below the ball.  Click to release.

Choose your shots wisely.  You only have one minute to score as many goals as you can.  You can earn more time by scoring goals when the bonus time icon in on the screen.  After the first 4 shots, you have to shoot off of passes coming from the left.  To do this, consider what aiming is like when the arrow is helping.  Use that when aiming your shot; pull back on the stick by holding down left-click; line up your player with the ball and release to take a shot.

Have fun and keep checking back here each weekday from now until August 10th for more new athletics themed games.