The New Mobile Site

Hey Swaggernauts!  I’m here with some very exciting news!  For the Android and iPhone users who are always on the go, we finally have a way for you to earn rewards anywhere – it’s the new Mobile site!

Using Swagbucks on your mobile device is now easier than ever. Here’s what you do:

1. Visit from your mobile device.

2. You’ll find the login button in the upper righthand corner of the page.

3. Once you’ve signed in, that button becomes a profile button where you can see your current Swag Buck total and how many referrals you have.  Simply tap to the left of the menu or tap the profile button to return to the main page.

4. To access all parts of the mobile site, tap the menu icon in the upper lefthand corner. You can close the menu at any time by tapping the menu button again or tap to the right of the menu area.

5. There are currently two items available under the “Earn” section – Search, which you can see when you log in, and Daily Polls. More earning opportunities are coming in the future.

6. Search works just like it does on the full site – as you search, you’ll randomly win Swag Bucks for your efforts. As you can see, you’ll even be able to win collector’s bills when they’re available!

7. Tapping on Polls will take you to today’s Daily Poll. Once you vote, the results will appear and you’ll be awarded one Swag Buck. From there, you’ll need to go back to the menu screen to access other areas of the mobile site.

8. The “Redeem” section of the menu currently allows you to redeem a select number of prizes. As long as you have enough Swag Bucks, you can snag the item right from your phone by tapping the “Snag It” button. Once you verify your address, you’ll see the Thank You screen, which means your order has been placed! If you don’t have an address associated with your account you will be unable to use this feature and will be redirected to the full site to complete your profile.

9. The “more” section plugs you directly into the Swagbucks online community, with links to our official Blog and our Facebook and Twitter feeds so you never miss one of our updates. You can also access the full version of our site from this section.

So there you go – no matter where you are, you can now earn Swag Bucks, redeem them for prizes, and stay in touch with the latest news from Swagbucks!

Happy Swagging!