The Swag Guy’s On A Jet

Today is the last day of The Swag Guy’s travels.  Throughout this week he has had an amazing opportunity to travel around the world.  His first stop was in Rio de Janeiro on Monday followed by Osaka Japan on Tuesday.  Yesterday, he released three new clues that led you to his whereabouts of Cork, Ireland.  Were you able to figure it out on your own?

The Swag Guy’s trip was all made possible thanks to our great friends over at ElJet.  For those who may not remember, ElJet was our sponsor for The Swag Mom contest, and will shortly be chartering our winner on a private jet from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.  Here are some interesting facts about ElJet:

ElJet is a Los Angeles based jet charter flights company that does business throughout the United States, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom.

ElJet is an Inc. 500 fastest growing US company’s winner 2 years in a row.

Top cities for jet charter include Van NuysLas VegasMiamiToronto, and London.

ElJet is a leader in empty leg flightsEmpty legs are private jet charter flights that are booked one-way and return to their starting point empty. Booking an empty leg flight can often lead to significant savings.

Today, for The Swag Guy’s last stop, he’ll be heading back to North America.  Here is today’s first clue: In this town you might catch the blues.

To start your day off on the right foot, here’s 4 Swag Bucks until 8am PDT: TSGonElJet

Good luck!