Tidy Up for the Games!

The people of Greece have decided to honor Zeus with a series of games of great skill and athletics!  There’s just one problem…  They got a little too excited and celebrated just a little too much the night before the start of the Games and now, the arena’s a little trashed.  Think this is going to get in the way of Zeus getting his games?  Certainly not!

You, the greatest party coordinator in all of Greece, are given the honor of tidying up and restoring the festival’s facilities in this fun twist on solitaire in which you have to stack each of the out of place amphoras you find in descending order from top to bottom, placing only the amphoras numbered one above on top of those beneath it.

If there are amphoras hidden behind clay, the clay will disappear when you move the amphora above it.

Each level is timed and you earn money for the skill and speed with which you get through them.  between levels, you are given a chance to visit the store for all sorts of upgrades to help you tidy up those amphoras and get the Games to start on time.

Get into the festive spirit with this Greek themed puzzle game today and earn!  If you’re like me and had never heard of an amphora before, run a Swag Search!  You just might win some more Bucks!

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