Week in Review – July 22, 2012

We had a lot of fun this past week at Swagbucks.  The Swag Guy was out on a journey around the world, and it was your job to find him each day.  If you were lucky enough to locate him you were rewarded with a nice Swag Code!

On Monday we released three clues that led you to his whereabouts of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  The first clue said one of our Team Swagbucks members has lived in this country, either Asif, Nicole, Andre or Ruvin.  If you watched their Get To Know videos, you would have learned that Andre is from Brazil.  The second clue was found in the Music Monday blog post, where we shared the music video of Hit The Lights by Selena Gomez.  We informed you that there is a video on SBTV that features Selena Gomez, which was your next clue.  The video we were talking about was “Postcards from the Road – Rio de Janeiro,” where Selena sends her regards from Brazil.  The third and final clue was posted on Twitter and said, “What city do these actors have in common: Jamie Foxx, Anne Hathaway and Jane Lynch?”  The answer to this clue was Rio, as all three of these actors voiced characters in the animated film, Rio.  If you were able to figure out all three clues, you should have searched “Rio” in the Swag Store which would have led you to your Swag Code.

We released Tuesday’s first clue on Facebook, and it read “TSG has been through a 12 hour time difference since yesterday’s location.”  The second clue was on Twitter and said “Unscramble this name to find the first mayor of this city – EHAAAMRTTU.”  If you unscrambled them correctly, you would have ended up with Tahee Tamura, the first mayor of Osaka, Japan.  The final clue was posted on our Pinterest page.  We pinned a picture of Osaka, if you clicked on the image, it would lead you to the Swagbucks Image Search results for Osaka, which was your code.

We started off Wednesday at 6am on Twitter with a code and a clue.  Your clue was Colin Farrell.  How is this a clue, you ask?  Well, Colin Farrell is from Ireland, which just so happened to be the country TSG was in that day.  The second clue came out in the 11am blog post that advised you to check out our European Cities game.  The clue was hinting that TSG was someone in Europe.  The final clue was posted on Facebook in the form of a poll where we asked you which of the following stones is a clue: Diamond, Rolling, Oliver, Blarney, or Henge.  The clue was Blarney, because the Blarney Stone is an attraction in Cork, Ireland, the city that TSG was visiting.  To find the code, you should have searched the Swag Store for “Blarney.”

Thursday was TSG’s last stop.  We released clue number one in the blog at 7am, and it read, “in this town you might catch the blues.”  This was hinting at St. Louis’ hockey team, the Blues.  The second clue came out on Twitter and said, “TSG is in a 2 word city that starts and ends with the same letter.”  This should have hopefully led you to St. Louis, which obviously starts and ends with “S.”  At 1pm in the blog, we told you to search our Flickr feed for the city you think TSG is in (which you should have searched “St. Louis”), and the code was waiting for you in the description of one of the photos.

TSG was back in the office on Friday, just in time for Mega Swag Bucks Day!  He had a wonderful trip and brought back some great souvenirs for me, as well as our members of Team Swagbucks.  I’m loving my new kimono!

I hope everyone had fun tracking down TSG’s whereabouts!  Where you able to find him each day?

Have a great weekend!