Announcing: A Golf Game and a Shot at 200 Swag Bucks

What was that you said last week, Swaggernaut ssdc? You think we should have a golf game? Couldn’t agree more. You don’t mind if there are some pirates and adventure involved, right? Because that’s what you’re gonna get in our new game, Pirate Golf Adventure!

Take control of Caribo, the most menacing golfer of the high seas. Like many young pirates, Caribo is a man of action. When he sees a problem, he whacks a golf ball at it.

Playing is about as simple as can be. Place your mouse anywhere near the golf ball to aim your shot, click and hold to wind up your power, release to give it a good whack. As any man of action does, Caribo tends to find himself in trouble so some of the courses can get a bit more challenging. To navigate around the many perils, you may have to hit the ball again in mid air. Yep. If you find the ball soaring over the hole, you just might have to aim it back down and give it another whack. Score points by completing courses with less shots and collecting coins. You can also unlock different souvenirs for completing different challenges like collecting all the coins.

So what’s today’s challenge? Complete Pirate Golf Adventure with a score better than mine. Just tweet a screenshot of your final score to @Swagbucks with the hashtag #sbgames and your Swag Name by 11:59PM PT tonight. 3 of you will be selected at random to receive 100 Swag Bucks.

For an added challenge, tweet us a screenshot of all the souvenirs unlocked and one of you will be chosen to win 200. Like this game? Hate it? Let us know in the comments. Which course did you find the most challenging? I’m definitely saying hole 7 for me.