Back To School Shopping Spree

We are officially in back to school mode.  Yes, it’s that dreaded time of year.  But instead of thinking about books, tests, and homework, think about the excitement that comes with back to school – shopping!  I don’t know about you, but I always loved picking out my new outfits for the new school year.  We’ve recently launched a new Swagstakes for a Back to School Shopping Spree at Cookies Kids, and you could be the lucky winner for as little as 4 Swag Bucks!  Depending on how many people enter this Swagstakes, the shopping spree could be worth up to $200!

At, you’ll find all the best apparel and gear for your children from name brands like The North FaceGuessLevi’s and more!  Also, at, $200 will get you very far – but keep in mind- the $200 only gets unlocked if at least 751 people enter this Swagstakes.  Right now, 476 Swaggernauts have entered, so you’re just 25 entrants away from reaching the $150 level.  So what are you waiting for?

Also, don’t forget to snag a Cookie’s Kids e-Gift Card from the Swag Store and save $5 on your order.

Click here to enter now for as little as 4 Swag Bucks, and score DOUBLE ENTRIES until 7pm PDT.

Good luck!