Basketbird: The True Story of Larry Bird’s Path to the NBA

Well, Swaggernauts, it’s our last athletic game for the summer, but we’ve had some good exercise (for our fingers), a lot of fun, even learned a new word, and seen a lot of amazing athletic feats. We’ve seen hockey on grass, a rather unprepared gymnast, cavemen shooting arrows and leaping hurdles in tennis shoes, an arena that went to shambles in one night of partying, pandas playing tennis and volleyball, tiny, wooden men doing backflips for soccer, a bison body slamming gummi bears, even human beings practicing their race starts, running around a track and doing the long jump.

We hope you’ve enjoyed all these fun new additions and that they’ve helped you celebrate the spirit of athletic competition at home and in your fingertips. We end our two weeks of active games with a classic sport centered around the time-honored tradition of grabbing colorful birds minding their own business and launching them into the nearest basket of the same color. That’s right, Swag Nation, Basketbird!

Load this game up and you will find that the controls may be a little familiar to you. If you look closely, you might notice that chucking birds around makes them a little frustrated… a little perturbed…  possibly even a little angry. Just adjust your aim by moving your cursor around near the bird you’d like to hurl, click and hold to build power. No judgement here, but some of the birds are a little heavy so you’ll find holding for full power is often the best strategy.

There are 25 levels in all, each offering its own challenge. Your score is based on how many attempts you have to make to get each bird into its like-colored basket. You can earn up to 3 medals for each level and there’s a level menu to go back for missed medals.

Please enjoy Basketbird and all our new and old Swagbucks Games and for more earning opportunities in Games, come back every Wednesday for our weekly gaming challenge.

No birds, colorful or otherwise, were injured in the writing of this post. Apologies to Larry Bird.