Because There Just Aren’t Enough Sports for Pandas

Good Morning, Swag Nation. As many of you already know, we’ve been adding new athletics themed games each weekday since the start of this month and today is no different. Hopefully, you caught the three Track games we added yesterday and participated in our weekly Wednesday game challenge for a shot at 150 SB. Congratulations to those who won.

Last Friday, countless Swaggernauts played Panda Turtle Tennis and were immediately compelled to ask “When will Pandas learn to play more sports!?” The answer to that question: today.

In Panda & Eggs Volleyball, you control one of two pandas who have a dozen eggs, aren’t hungry and are either very bored or extremely creative. It begins with an egg dropping from the sky. Perhaps a bird is officiating. No.. no.. That’d be silly. Anyway, look for the yellow arrow to let you know where the egg will fall from. Serving is just the same as returning the egg; just make sure you are lined up beneath the falling egg with the arrow keys and hit the space bar to head the egg over the net. You can even jump to return an egg in midair. You know what they say though, “Keep your eye on the egg,” or else you end up staring at some yolk.

Winning is as simple as making the other panda get 6 yolks which is counted at the top of the screen. Let 6 eggs become yolk on your own side of the net you’ll be a sad panda. Go for a top score by returning eggs as many times as possible on your own or invite a friend to play with you at your computer for some fun multiplayer action. Check out the in-game Controls screen for more controls instructions and how to play two-player.

Whether you play on your own or with a friend, Panda & Eggs Volleyball is a lot of fun and we hope you enjoy it. Come back to the blog tomorrow for the last of our athletics themed games for the summer and come back again Wednesday for another fun challenge.