Burrito Bison: Body Slammin Bovine

Happy Monday, everyone. Hopefully, you’ve been keeping up with all the athletics themed games we’ve been introducing in the last week. If not, we’ve introduced new games about Tennis, Gymnastics, Archery and Hurdles, Field Hockey and even just making sure you have a nice clean arena. Keep coming to the blog all this week for more.

One of the most intense events you might be watching this summer has to be Wrestling. That’s why we wanted to make sure that our wrestling game was as authentic and realistic as possible. Without further ado…

Burrito Bison!

Watch the meter at the top of the screen and hit the space bar or click your mouse when the needle is as close to the top as you can manage. Do a good job of this and you will soar through the air with ease.

As you near the floor of the arena, you will encounter countless gummi bears fleeing for their lives beneath you. Good thing they’re there too! If there aren’t any gummies to land on, you hit the ground and get carted off by the police. Keep bouncing on gummies and you may set a new record for distance and isn’t that what this summer is all about?

The more gummies you hit, the more coins you collect. The more coins you collect, the more upgrades like rocket powered undies to help you slam down on the gummies or an increase in gummies carrying things that help you stay in the air like dynamite and pogo sticks! Hit the space bar or left click again in mid air and you will use your rockets to slam down to the ground with more force. This will help you keep momentum if timed well. Hitting gummies helps you rebuild your rocket meter for another slam.

Have fun, slam hard, and keep swaggin.