Happy Hour with Erica Of Customer Support

Back on track with another week of Happy Hour. Today’s topic on tap we’re going to talk about “Birthdays”. As you all may know, every year on your Birthday, we  award you with 50 Swag Bucks. Today I’m sharing with you a little refresher on how Birthday bucks work.

When you sign up for a new account you are prompted to enter you birth date. Once your account has been successfully setup, your birth date goes into our system. At that point, you will not see your birth date on your account details so don’t worry. If you are unsure of the date you entered at signup, send us a quick email and we will verify the date for you. Once your birth date has been entered and saved, it cannot be changed.

In order to claim your 50 Swag Bucks you will need to click on the link provided in the email we send you on your birthday. If the link is not clickable, please copy and paste it into your browser. This will allow the credit to hit your account. If this does not work, email our support team explaining that you have tried the steps above.

Now is your chance to chat live with me about today’s topic on tap  “Birthdays”. For all other questions, please write into our support team.

Leave your Birthday questions in the comment section below, and I’ll be here to answer for 1 hour starting at 2:00PM PT.

Lets chat!