How To Submit A Poll Idea

The most common question about the Daily Polls has always been “How do I submit one?” It’s really simple. I’m going to tell you in four easy steps:

Step 1: Come Up With A Great Poll Idea

Great poll ideas can be about anything, but should be relatable and interesting for everyone.

Step 2: Make Sure You Have No More Than Six Answers

Daily Polls can only offer up to six answers, but it’s important that everyone have their answer as an option so many times answers like “None of the above,” “Some of the above,” or “Other” need to be included.

Step 3: Make Sure You Include Your Swag Name

If your poll idea is selected, you will be rewarded with 100SB so it’s important you include your Swag Name so we know who to credit! If you aren’t sure what your Swag Name is, you can read about how to find out here.

Step 4: Email Your Poll Idea, Answers, and Swag Name to

Do Not Leave Your Poll Idea In The Comments.

For more tips on what makes a winning poll and how to get your poll selected, read more here.