Labor Day Shopping Special

Labor Day is the day to pay tribute to all of the contributions and achievements of American workers.  Labor Day also symbolizes the end of Summer, as well as rewards us all with a 3-day weekend.  But this year, Labor Day also means LABOR DAY SPECIAL!!!   Who wouldn’t love to spend part or all of their 3-day weekend shopping?  Especially if it is doubly rewarding!

Starting RIGHT NOW and going through Midnight PDT on Monday, you will earn DOUBLE Swag Bucks per Dollar for any purchases made at Walmart, Walgreens,, or Lowe’s through Swagbucks Shop & Earn.  That means that if you wanted to shop at Walmart, instead of earning 2 Swag Bucks for every Dollar you spend, you’ll earn 4 Swag Bucks!  At Walgreens, instead of earning 5 Swag Bucks per Dollar you spend, you’ll earn 10 Swag Bucks!  At, instead of 6 Swag Bucks per Dollar, you’ll earn 12!  And at Lowe’s you’ll now earn 2 Swag Bucks per Dollar instead of 1!  And a happy shopping weekend it is!

For more information on Swagbucks Shop & Earn, click here.

So what will you be shopping for this weekend?