Stop, Drop and Roll Your Way to Swag Bucks Bonuses

I usually start my day off by watching the parking lot where the Fire Fighters work out from the Swagbucks office. If you think about it Swagbucks Customer Support are the Fire Fighters with your Daily Goal Meter questions and concerns. Let Customer Support guide you through the Daily Goal Meter questions you have been burning to ask us. The Daily Goal Meter is similar to a fire drill using the STOP-DROP and ROLL; here are some simple tips and tricks you might find helpful:


-STOP and be patient when you don’t see your bonus Swag Bucks on your Homepage Daily Goal Meter rise immediately.
– Swag Bucks have been known to take up to 24 hours until they appear in your Daily Goal Meter.
– Bonuses for the previous month are usually paid on the 5th of every month.
– FYI the next scheduled bonus payday is set for September 5th
– If you don’t see your Bonus Bucks after the 5th please write in and ask Team Swagbucks Support, they would love to help you.


– Watch the Swag Bucks DROP into your account when reaching your Daily Meter Goal
– The goal of today’s meter is to earn 90 Swag Bucks, when you earn those Swag Bucks you will earn an additional 9 Swag Bucks.
– Everyday try and reach your goal so that you can earn the consecutive daily bonuses!
– Reach your daily goal= earning bonuses
– Next month maximize your earning potential by reaching your goal every day and earn up to 300 Swag Bucks!
– The goal of today
– In any given case if there is an emergency, Swagbucks Customer Support will help you put out your fire.


– Bonuses do not ROLL over from month to month.
– New month= New Meter
– Daily Goal Meter will reset at the 1st of every month at Midnight PDT.
– Can eagerly begin working on new month’s bonuses and earn right away!

Kelly’s helpful tips towards hitting your Daily Meter Goal:

– Still ½ a month left to earn bonus Bucks start now!
– Make sure to hit the “ Today’s Goal” Today.
– Earn additional bonuses displayed that you can receive if you achieve the goal for the day.
– Hit goal of the day= earn an additional bonus for reaching your goal.
– Each days bonuses are added up and applied to the total Swag Bucks at the end of the month

I will be around for the next hour to answer any questions you might have about the daily goal meter.

What is the most you have earned in one day using the Daily Meter?