Swagbucks Shop & Earn Is Here!

Who’s ready to go shopping??  That’s right, the long-awaited Shop & Earn is OFFICIALLY HERE!  Why leave your house when you can shop right at home with our BRAND NEW, IMPROVED, and REWARDING Shop & Earn?  With the newest way to earn Swag Bucks, you can now be rewarded for purchases you make by clicking on the links to over 250 stores, including Walmart®, Kohl’s®, Target®, iTunes®, and so much more!  Most of us girls know that shopping in itself is a rewarding experience, but now earn Swag Bucks on top of it?  Talk about having your cake and eating it, too!  You now have the ability to customize your shopping experience to find just what you want by category, by store, or even by number of Swag Bucks awarded per dollar spent.

Check out this helpful tutorial to find out exactly how our brand new Shop & Earn works:


Shop & Earn is now open for business!  What’s your favorite online purchase?  By the way, if you wanted to test out the new and improved Shop & Earn by buying me something pretty, I wouldn’t be opposed!  Just kidding…kind of. 🙂

Happy Shopping!