The Turtle and The Panda

Have you been keeping up with the Olympics? After countless hours of races, one couldn’t help but be reminded of the classic fable, The Turtle and The Panda…

What!? You haven’t heard of The Turtle and the Panda!? The one where the panda boasted that he could beat anyone at tennis so the turtle hit a successful serve which generated a magic potion that made him faster on the next serve? And then with the next point, he earned another magic potion that made him bigger? No?

Lucky for you, you can get acquainted with this classic tale as we continue introducing new athletics themed games for the summer with Panda Turtle Tennis!

In Panda Turtle Tennis, you can take the role of The Panda or The Turtle. Who wins is up to you and with a little help from some magic potions and other items you can earn in game, you can take the upper hand.  Hold the space bar to serve and use the arrow keys to direct your player around the court. Make a successful serve or return and an item will drop. Using items between serves can make you faster, stronger, even larger.

Panda on Turtle Tennis not your thing? We’re adding sporty new games every weekday all next week and you can check out all the fun new additions we added earlier in the week: The First Greek Games Tidy Up for some solitaire fun, Field Hockey to test your aim,Caveman Athletics for Archery, Hurdles and Bone Throwing and Graceful Gymnast if you just wanna play dress up. Be sure to check back next week for more games!