Two Days, Two Chances to Win 200 Swag Bucks

Introducing the Swagbucks Weekend Game Challenge.  What’s special about the Swagbucks Weekend Game Challenge? Other than the fact that you can win 200 Swag Bucks, you get two days to complete the challenge and we’re picking a winner for each day. Just tweet a screenshot of you completing today’s challenge @Swagbucks with the hashtag #sbgames and your Swag Name. Entrants with tweets dated any time on Saturday or Sunday will be chosen at random with one winner being selected each day. Winners will be announced Monday, on Twitter, by 5PM PT. We’re going to make a habit out of this so get used to coming here every Saturday for a new weekend challenge.

For this weekend’s challenge, we’re going with one of the Swag Nation’s favorite games on the site, Submarine Puzzle. If you’re unfamiliar with it, Submarine Puzzle is a lot like Bejeweled. When the game starts, just select any block and swap it with one immediately next to or above it to make groups of 3 or more of blocks of the same shape and color as you see in the image below. You’ll see light blue bar at the bottom growing smaller and smaller. That’s your time limit so get moving fast.

Now that we all know how to play, this week’s challenge is simple; beat my score:

It took me three tries to get that score today. Just for fun, if you manage to beat today’s challenge, let us know how many tries it took you.  Also, since it’s our first Weekend Game Challenge, let us know what games you’re good at and you’d like to see featured in a future Weekend Game Challenge in the comments and we’ll try to feature them sometime soon.

Don’t forget to tweet the screenshots of your challenge-beating scores to @Swagbucks with the hashtag #sbgames and your Swag Name to be eligible to win 200 SB!

Here’s 7 Swag Bucks by 10pm PDT: