Two Weeks Ago, They Made the First Torch

As you know, every weekday until August 10th, we’re offering a new athletics themed game to help get you in the spirit for this summer’s festivities. Yesterday’s was a Field Hockey shootout. Monday’s was a solitaire-like puzzle game in which you help prepare the arena in ancient Greece. In today’s game, you’ll see what athletics were like even further back in time and even have a shot at winning 100 Swag Bucks.

In Caveman Athletics, you can choose between three different events: Archery, Bone Throwing, and Hurdles Race. Alternatively, play through the entire competition at once for a combined score. Each event is fun and has relatively simple controls so everyone I can have fun giving it a shot.

Each event only requires use of the arrow keys and space bar. In Archery, you guide your aim your shot with the arrow keys and fire with the space bar. In Bone Throwing, power up your spin by tapping the space bar as fast as you can and use the arrow keys to launch the bone at the best angle. For the Hurdle Race, tap the space bar again to build speed and press up on the arrow keys to leap the hurdles.

Almost forgot… If you do well enough in these events, you can unlock a mystery 4th event!  If you’re skills allow you to unlock it, feel free to leave a hint in the comments. Last but not least, take a screenshot of you playing your favorite of these events and tweet it to @Swagbucks with the hashtag #sbgames and your Swag Name for your chance to win 100 Swag Bucks!  We’ll be picking 3 of you at random and you’ll receive your Swag Bucks within two days. Have fun and may the odds be ever in your.. Good luck!