A Captain Needs His Ship Like Swaggernauts Need 100 Swag Bucks

Ahoy, Swaggermaties, and welcome aboard another Wednesday Game Challenge! If ye be a sailor of some Wednesday Game Challenge experience, today’s treasure is already known. 100 Swag Buck-loons be the haul we’re after!

The only task ye must complete to be eligible is to try our new game, Captain Skyro Lite, and help arrr matey, Captain Skyro get his ship back, postin’ a screenshot of your score on the 10th quest @Swagbucks with yer Swag Name and #sbgames by 11:59PM PT. Yar! Not grapeshot, me mateys, a screenshot! Click the words that be the color of the sea for more details. 3 winnarrrs will be selected at random and announced on Twittarrr.

Before yer able to make it to the 10th quest in gettin’ Skyro’s ship back, ye’ll be needed to know how to navigate the sky. Just click on arrr matey, Skyro, drag him down toward Davy Jones, and let go to launch him skyward like cannonfire. Skyro can hang from his hook if ye find a cloud with a peg for him to latch, but beware the thunderous clouds that shock, the faint clouds that disappear, and the spiky clouds that I know not what they be nor why they be spiky but avoid them or ye’ll fall into the spiky deep. Collect all the coins as you venture skyward for the greatest bounty.

For more piratey fun, point your spyglass toward Pirate Golf Adventure. What be yer opinion? Try them both and let us know which ye think is better in the comments section which surely must be in in the aft or below decks. Yes, it must be on Twittarrrrrrrrr!