Brag About Your Bargain

Have you checked out today’s Braggable Bargain?  You can snag the $50 Best Buy e-Gift Card for 600 Swag Bucks off its original price – what a deal!

For those who may not be aware, the Braggable Bargain is  a one-day-only deal for one of the hottest items in the Swag Store.  This item will have its price slashed for 24-hours, from 10am PDT until 10am PDT the next day.  The Braggable Bargain on Fridays always extends until Monday at 10am PDT, so you have the whole weekend to take advantage of the great deal.  The daily Braggable Bargain will be announced on the Swag Store Twitter feed every morning, so make sure you’re following them.

Because these deals will be so enticing, we know you’re going to want to brag about them to your friends.  We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to take advantage of the Braggable Bargain, which is why we’re encouraging you to share the deal with your family and friends.  In fact, each day we will select two users at random who tweet the deal and include #BraggableBargain, and hook them up with 150 Swag Bucks each!  Make sure you INCLUDE YOUR SWAG NAME or your tweet will not qualify.  See, sometimes bragging isn’t such a bad thing!

Happy Bragging!