Poll Round-Up – Week of September 1, 2012

Hey Swaggernauts!  I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Let’s check out the results from last week’s Daily Polls.


I have an eensy weensy crush on Pierce Brosnan – he’s one handsome fellow, huh?  Because of this, I have to say that Pierce Brosnan was my favorite James Bond.

The tattoo removal business has definitely been booming lately, but I’m pretty confident that anyone who gets “Swagbucks” tattooed somewhere on their body would not regret it.  Who’s with me?

I think every subject is school is important for a different reason.  History is important, as we should all know where we came from and what our ancestors went through.  English is important for learning grammar, vocabulary, and literature.  Math is important for real-life problem solving.  So although I can’t say what is the most important subject, I can tell you that Math was always my favorite subject.

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There is definitely never enough time in the day.  I could always use a few more hours.  That’s why it’s important to make every minute count, so why not use Swagbucks to make your time more rewarding?  There’s also never enough money in the bank account.  So why not let Swagbucks solve that problem, too?  Rack up those bucks and redeem them for your favorite prizes, and don’t spend a penny out of your own pocket!

I hope you guys are loving SB Originals on SBTV.  Now not only do you get to watch your favorite Team Swagbucks members in action, but you get to earn Swag Bucks while doing so!  Talk about rewarding!

I currently do not pay for any premium movie channels, but I certainly do enjoy when they give you those 1 week free previews!  I set my DVR to record a great variety of movies, and then I have them saved for as long as I want.  Recently I recorded Source Code, Fright Night, and Hall Pass.  Would you recommend any of those?

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