Swagbucks Book Club – Rewarding Reading

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our book club discussion of short stories last week.  I also hope you enjoyed the extra Swag Bucks you may have found in your account on Tuesday.  I must have had a really great weekend because I was feeling extra generous on Tuesday and gave out 700 Swag Bucks to Swagbucks Book Club members!  Don’t forget that our current selection is The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson and we will be discussing that on Friday September 28th. The Kindle version is available in the Swag Store for just 999 SBs. If it has been on your “To Read” list now is the perfect opportunity.

Not only can you be awarded Swag Bucks for participating in our monthly discussions, you can also receive 250 Swag Bucks if you submit and we feature a book review.  The book can be anything of your choosing, it doesn’t have to be a new release, just anything that you think other Swaggernauts would enjoy.  Of course there are a few rules, the review should be 3-5 paragraphs and not appear elsewhere on the web.  Make sure you include your swag name and send your review to bookclub@swagbucks.com.  I try to feature one a month so yours might be next and you could be 250 Swag Bucks richer just like today’s author – DefyingGravitWC.

Book Review of John Grisham’s The Client

Suggested by Swagbucks Book Club member DefyingGravityWC

“I finished reading an amazing book by John Grisham. He is an author as well as a lawyer so many of his books are based off of some of his cases. “The Client” follows a young boy named Mark Sway, who accidentally gets some very important information involved in a murder trial. He hears the location of the body of Senator Boyd Boyett. After that his life changes forever. He starts having interviews with the police and FBI agents, but he isn’t alone. As soon as he realizes he will need someone to help guide him along the way, he hires a lawyer. Her name is Reggie Love, and she is working for only a dollar. Together they must try to keep Mark save from the Blade, the man accused of the killing, as well as trying to save his brother after he went into shock from witnessing a man commit suicide.

    The book is very well written and keeps you going throughout the book. There are some swear words said, and like I said above, a man kills himself. There are children smoking in the woods and some beating. There are some sequences of intense violence but that’s about it. It’s a great read and I highly recommend it. It is really simple to understand because there aren’t too many lawyer terms but there are a few. But it is one of the best books I have ever read. So go grab a copy of “The Client” and believe me, you’ll be glad you did.”
Today’s question: What is your favorite John Grisham novel and why?
Leave your answers in the comments and on Monday I will choose 10 contributors for 25 Swag Bucks each.