Week in Review – September 23, 2012

It’s time for another

Week in Review

where we discuss the events

and fun things that we do

On Monday we shared

some tips from TSG

He talked about the NOSOs

and how rewarding they can be

On Tuesday we posted a video

make your own pet out of a rock

All you need is glue, paint, and some clay

and don’t forget your smock

On Wednesday there was a treasure hunt

for all you buccaneers

As you sailed around Swag Nation

Swag booty would apppear

On Thursday we shared some remedies

for an Extravaganza Hangover day

With tylenol, sports drinks, and relaxation

you’re sure to be okay

On Friday we suggested activities

for some weekend family fun

like going to your local community theater

or taking a hike in the sun

Now it’s time to get back to earning

it’s time to get back to snagging

I hope everyone has a good weekend

Enjoy the day and happy swaggin’!