4 Ways to Score Full-Size Freebies

As some of you may know, we have a very influential blogger program here at Swagbucks.  Every so often, we like to showcase one of the Influencers that we feel would be beneficial to all our Swaggernauts.  Here is a guest post from Heather of Freebies4Mom.com.



Everyone likes to get freebies, but scoring full-size freebies is the best! Here are four sources of finding out how to get full-size freebies in your mailbox.

1. Swagbucks – You already know that Swagbucks is all about free stuff, but it gets the #1 spot in my list because you can earn everything from a free t-shirt to a $300 Apple gift card (and I’ve received both!). I love Swagbucks because it takes a common task (searching the internet) and turns it into a profitable exercise. It does take time to collect enough Swagbucks to redeem for the prize you’ve got your eye on, but it is the best way to earn high-value freebies without a lot of effort.
2. Facebook – Brands love to give out full-size freebies on Facebook because it is easiest place to connect with people and get shared among friends. Find out who’s giving away the best freebies on Facebook by reading what your friends are talking about in your Newsfeed. You can visit blogs like mine that are dedicated to helping people find freebies and that encourage fans to share freebies on the Freebies 4 Mom Facebook Wall. Facebook pages that have recently given away full-size freebies are: BIC RazorPhysicians FormulaGreen Mountain Coffee
3. Email – Did you know that some brands reward their email subscribers by giving them full-size freebies? Usually these giveaways are done on an irregular basis, but General Mills has decided to turn it into a regular monthly event. Every month each of their email newsletters gives away 10,000 full-size freebies and you can only request them if you’re already on their email list. Here’s the list of email newsletters you should sign-up for right now so that you are eligible for next month’s giveaway:  PillsburyLive Better AmericaBetty CrockerBox Tops for Education. Other email newsletters that are worth signing-up for because they’re known to spoil their subscribers with full-size freebies are: Bush’s BeansOcean SprayChicken of the SeaGoodbelly
4. Blogs – My blog, Freebies4Mom.com, is all about freebies but of course there are other blogs that search for freebies too. Find a blog you like, then follow them so you can get timely updates. It can be tricky to request the full-size freebies because once they are announced they tend to get snatched up quickly. That’s why one of the best places to find out about freebies is on Facebook.
Heather is obsessed with freebies (as you might have guessed) and shares her freebie finds at Freebies4Mom.com.


Blog Owner of Freebies4Mom.com
“Spoiling You with the Hottest Freebies”


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