A Swag Code Haunt Is Coming…

Halloween is a time for all of the ghosts and goblins to emerge from hiding to “BOO!” the socks off of you.  It’s a time for kids to dress up like superheroes and princesses and knock on strangers’ doors begging for goodies.  It’s a time to hide your face with a pillow while you reluctantly watch Fright Night, Night Of The Living Dead, or any other horror film that makes you ask “why did I think it was a good to watch this on Halloween night?”  It’s a time to make your finest attempt at artistry by carving out a witch, a ghost, a vampire, or some other ghastly creature on a pumpkin that you’ll proudly display on your front stoop.  But most importantly, it’a a time to experience a Swag Code Haunt!

This Monday, October 29th, we will be running a Swag Code Haunt all day on the Swagbucks site.  Throughout the day, you will have the opportunity to earn up to 70 Swag Bucks just from Swag Codes alone!  The fun will begin at 4am PDT right here in the blog.

For this Swag Code Haunt, you will be asked to find hidden objects in a Halloween-themed image.  To give you a head start, we are providing you with the image now, so start studying!  You never know what we’re going to ask you to find!

Please keep in mind that ALL CODES THAT PERTAIN TO THE HIDDEN OBJECT IMAGE will be in ALL CAPS.  If a code is a number, it is to be spelled out.  For example, it we asked you how many sides a square had, the answer and the code would be FOUR.

Here is the image:



Get ready, get excited, and prepare to be HAUNTED!

If this will be your very first Swag Code Extravaganza, boy are you in for a treat!  Click here to learn all about Swag Codes.