KLUTCH On To Health

It’s easy to say you’re going on a diet, and it’s easy to say you’re going to start exercising again, but it’s actually doing it that’s the hard part.  It can be very difficult to stay motivated and consistent when choosing healthy habits, as there are plenty of outside influences that can dissuade your decisions.  Halloween candy is a prime example of this.  But, what if you can make it a no brainer to incorporate healthier choices with ease?  Introducing KLUTCHclub – a new monthly subscription service that sends a hand-picked and “themed” box of holistic health, fitness and wellness products.

KLUTCHclub sends a box of the latest and greatest health, fitness, and wellness products – organic protein bars, workout wear, skincare products, teas, etc. – direct to your doorstep every month.  Each box is packed full of snacks, beverages, workouts, supplements, skincare and fitness apparel and accessories, giving you at least $50 worth of products for as low as $16 a month.

Visit the Swag Store and snag $5 off a Men’s or Women’s membership for 199 Swag Bucks or $10 off a Men’s or Women’s membership for 299 Swag Bucks!

Happy Health!