Spooky Savings

We’re back this week with some more scary savings from Swagbucks Coupons.  Not only is Halloween a good time for costumes, pumpkins, and candy, it’s also a great time for saving money.  Heck, it’s always a good time for saving money!

Where did Frankenstein go when he got thirsty?  The MOTTster Mash to get some apple juice!  Okay, maybe my comedy career is a little premature.  But I’ll tell you what’s not premature!  This coupon for $1 off one 4-pack of any flavor Mott’s Snack & Go Applesauce Pouches.



Getting candy on Halloween is like taking candy from a baby.  It’s “Child’s Play!”  And speaking of child’s play, get yourself in the Halloween spirit by sitting down to watch Chucky in action!  Clip the coupon and save $2 when you buy Child’s Play on Blu-ray.


Nothing is scarier on Halloween than picking up your ringing phone and hearing a dial “Tone.”  Clip the coupon and save $1 on 18-oz. Tone body wash.


You know why I avoid Haunted Houses around Halloween?  You never know when someone’s going to “Reach” out and grab you, and I’m not okay with that.  Clip the coupon and save $2 on any two Reach Toothbrushes.


Until next time,

Happy Saving, Swaggernauts!