TSG’s Tips – Account Verification

Hey there, Swaggernauts!  For those of you who are not yet familiar with our one-time account verification process or who haven’t yet completed it, we have put together a step-by-step explanation below of how to get your account verified.  (Please note that this is separate from confirming your prize each time by email or security answer.)

If your account is selected for account verification,  not only should you feel honored, but you will see this notification upon attempting to redeem a prize from the Swag Store:

From here, you have the option of verifying either via a text message or a postcard.  If you select “Verify with a Text Message,” simply enter your 10-digit mobile phone number and click “Send Text.”  You will then see this screen:

Within minutes you will receive a text message with a 4-digit pin.  Isn’t technology amazing?  Enter that 4-digit pin and click “Authenticate Account.”  If verification is successful, you will see this congratulations screen:

Please note that if your phone number has already been used on a previous account, or if you use a prepaid phone, you must choose the postcard mailing option.

With everything on computers nowadays, TSG misses the excitement of getting letters and postcards in the mail.  If you choose to verify your account by mail, click on “Send Postcard.”  From here, make sure that the address shown is correct.  If it is not, click on “Edit Address:”

This will bring you back to the prize confirmation page, where you can edit your address:

Once you have verified your address, click on “Send Postcard.”  Your postcard will arrive within 7 business days, and will contain a 4-digit pin. Visit your “Account Details” page, which you can get to by hovering over your name on the top right of the Swagbucks site and clicking on “My Swag Bucks,” where you will be able to enter your 4-digit pin.

Once you have gone through the verification process, you can continue redeeming your prizes as usual.