TSG’s Tips – Swagbucks TV

Happy Monday.  TSG is here with his newest round of tips to help keep your Swag Bucks rolling in.  This weekend, after I got back from a run, I was pretty beat and just wanted to relax.  To me, relaxing means sitting on the couch with my laptop, chatting to my favorite people on Facebook (you) and watching entertaining videos (like this one).  Needless to say, I spend plenty of time on Swagbucks TV (SBTV).

SBTV is a great Swagbucks platform where you can watch videos on the latest entertainment and current events, pick up some new fashion and beauty tips, learn delicious new recipes (this category is dangerous for me, because I’m a huge foodie), watch Team Swagbucks members in action, and much more, all the while earning Swag Bucks along the way.  Every day, you can earn up to 150 Swag Bucks just through SBTV!

When you visit SBTV, which you can access from the Earn tab at the top of the Swagbucks website or by clicking the “Play” arrow Quick Link on the left side of the homepage, you’ll see a list of categories along the top ranging from SB Originals to Music.  By hovering over each category, you’ll find their sub categories.  Choose the ones that interest you the most.

Click on the video thumbnail to watch the video of your choice.  You’ll see related videos to the right of each video you are watching.  Still with me?  Fantastic!  On the top right of SBTV you’ll see the Swag Bucks Meter.  As you watch videos, the Swag Bucks Meter will increase.  Once it hits 100% you will be rewarded with 3 Swag Bucks.   Be aware that every once in a while you may encounter a CAPTCHA after a win, but this is just to ensure that you’re not a robot.  You can earn up to 150 Swag Bucks every single day.

Feel free to continue watching videos after you’ve reached your 150 Swag Bucks, but at that time your meter will inform you that you have reached your daily limit and will need to return the next day to earn again.  You can also watch each video as many times as you want, but you will only earn credit the first time you watch it each day.  If you’re anything like I am, when you see a video that you really like or that makes you laugh really hard, you’re just going to keep hitting “repeat” over and over again, because it just doesn’t get old…right?

If you’re looking for a particular video, or a video on a certain topic, use the Swagbucks TV Search feature located on the upper right area of the SBTV main page.  Type in a keyword and hit enter to find your results.

Don’t forget to Rate and Comment!  Whether you LOVE a video or think it isn’t so hot, you can let us (and more importantly everyone else) know about it through our rating and comments system – rate a video anywhere from 0-5 stars and leave a brief (and appropriate review) – plus, when you get to a video for the first time, you’ll actually be able to to see what other people thought of it AND share it on Facebook/Twitter!

For the Dos and Donts of using Swagbucks TV, click here.

I apologize for the length of this post, but when I’m talking about something I love and something that’s rewarding, I can go on forever!

What’s your favorite SBTV video?  Let me know by posting the link to it in the comments below.