TSG’s Tips – Twitter

Mornin’ folks! TSG here with some more helpful tips for you, and this week we’re focusing on the wonderful world of Twitter.  Quite frequently we run contests on Twitter, like our TTPTP on Tuesdays and our Twitter Trivia on Thursdays.  We also host a game challenge every Wednesday and every weekend, in which we ask you to post a screenshot of your high score on Twitter.  We release Swag Codes on Twitter often, as well as use Twitter as a platform to talk to all of you!  But what if you don’t have a Twitter account, and what if you don’t know how to use Twitter?  Well, that’s why I’m here to help!

To start a Twitter account, visit Twitter.com, enter your Full Name and E-mail Address, and select a Password on the bottom right of the homepage.  Then select “Sign up for Twitter:

From here, you will be asked to confirm your password and select a Twitter handle.  Once you’ve done so, the next step invites you to start following other Twitter users.  Twitter is a great way to get the latest updates from your friends, your favorite celebrities, and of course, your favorite websites.  Search for the people or companies you wish to follow in the search box:

Once you’ve found those you wish to follow, simply click “Follow:”

Next, you’ll need to know how to send a tweet.  You can say anything you’d like as long as it’s within 140 characters.  Enter your desired text in the “Compose New Tweet” box and then click Tweet:

You will see your tweet at the top of your Twitter feed, followed by all of the recent tweets sent by those you are following.

Don’t want to sign up for Twitter?  No problem!  You can still see all of our tweets by clicking “Twitter” underneath “Social Media” at the bottom of the Swagbucks homepage.  This will direct you straight to our Twitter feed where you’ll be able to see all the excitement that exists on Swagbucks’ Twitter Page!


Welcome to the Twiterverse!  See you on Twitter!