Twitter Tuesday Phrase That Pays – October 10, 2012

In yesterday’s TTPTP I asked you what a movie about Swagbucks would be called, and who would play TSGal and myself.

The three runners up, who will each be getting 50 Swag Bucks are:

“”Swagless in Seattle,” two people fall for each other as they discover their mutual love of swagbucks (Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan)” – mrsaharper of Vail, AZ

“”Rex in Peace”,parker posey as TSGal, daniel tosh as TSG. 2 buddy cops team up with pet dino rex to find missing loot” – towley of Brooklyn, NY

“SwagMovie called “The Swagshank Prize Redemption”, a romantic prison comedy starring Tina Fey as TSGal and Jim Carrey as TSG.” – supervij of Toronto, ON

This week’s TTPTP winner who will be receiving 500 Swag Bucks is…

“”Paranormal Swagtivity”, featuring Robin Williams as TSG and Martha Stewart as TSGal”

Congratulations, clothesontheline of North Carolina

Honorable Mentions:

“”From Swags to Riches: The E! True hollywood story of Swagbucks”, starring Angelina Jolie as TSGal and Brad Pitt as TSG.” – @Cellpoet

“The Earning Room, a thriller starring Natalie Portman and Mark Paul Gosselaar” – @JamieSaves

“Gone with the Swagbucks starring Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable. The most famous line ever: “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a Swag.”” – @JohnHerro

“Cameron Diaz and Paul Rudd in Running with Swag” – @WendyLady75

Great job, everyone!


P.S. – Here’s 4 Swag Bucks until 1pm PDT. Enter it in the “Gimme” box on the Swagbucks homepage.