Zombies vs. Vampires Team Challenge Q & A

Good afternoon Swaggernuats!  By now, you should be well on your way to earning a wicked Swag Buck bonus if you have been participating in our Zombies vs. Vampires Scream Challenge.  Remember that for every day you complete your Daily Ghoul Meter, you will contribute 1 point to your team, either Zombies or Vampires.  Depending on how many days you fill your Daily Ghoul Meter, you could potentially walk away from this challenge with, not only your daily bonuses, but 150 Special Bonus Swag Bucks, and another 150 Swag Bucks for reaching the goal every day of the month – wouldn’t that be sweet!  Almost as sweet as all the candy you’ll be stocking up on for Halloween…almost.  Remember, all bonuses will be paid out by November 5th.

Click here for more information on the Zombies vs. Vampires Scream Challenge.

Some of you may have become a Zombie or a Vampire the day that the Scream Challenge launched, while others may still be waiting to join until they’re more clear on how it works.  For your convenience, I am here for the next hour to help guide you through this challenge and assist you in leading your team to VICTORY!  Ask away in the comments section below.

– Kelly