A New Way To Save With Swagbucks

With all of the new and different ways we have made your time online more rewarding, like Lower Prices and Limitless Rewards and Expedited Shipping, we couldn’t resist bringing you yet another one!  We are excited to announce that we have partnered with our friends over at Entertainment.com to bring you a plethora of Local Deals for dining, events & attractions, and shopping!  For just 35 or 50 Swag Bucks, you can get “best in class” coupons to your favorite restaurants, affairs, and retailers for unbeatable deals.  These Local Deals can be found by hovering over “Rewards” at the top of the Swagbucks site, and clicking on “Local Deals”:

Once you arrive at Local Deals, you’ll see a page full of coupons, targeted to the zip code that you provided when first registering for a Swagbucks account.  Going on vacation and want to find great savings for your trip?  Simply change your location by clicking on “Change Location” on the right side of the page, enter the zip code of your choice, and click “Update Zip”:


You’ll notice many sorting options along the top of the page, as well as on the right side of the page.  Use this feature to filter your results to better find the discounts and savings you are looking for.  In the mood for a nice night out at a nice Italian restaurant?  Hover over “Dining” and select “Italian”:


Now you can easily find the best savings to make your night a success.  For just 35 Swag Bucks, you could save 10% on your entire dinner bill, and for just 50 Swag Bucks you could get 2 entrees for the price of one.  These are just two great examples out of countless deals.

Looking for a good laugh?  Check out the “Events & Attractions” coupons where you’ll find discounted admissions to live comedy shows for just 35 or 50 Swag Bucks!

Getting back into the gym can be tough, but I bet getting 50% off your fitness classes would make it more motivating.  You can find these savings, also under “Events & Attractions”, by selecting “Sporting Events.”

Plan on heading out to do some holiday shopping?  You may want to make a quick pit stop at the “Shopping” section of Local Deals to find coupons for many of your favorite stores.  You can also use the “Shopping” section to find deals on automotive services, dry cleaning services, groceries, and more!

There are two different types of coupons in Local Deals: Premium and Frequent Value.  All Premium coupons cost 50 Swag Bucks and all Frequent Value coupons cost 35 Swag Bucks.  Premium coupons may only be redeemed ONCE per user, while Frequent Value coupons can be redeemed as many times as you’d like.  Use the sorting feature to browse all Premium offers or all Frequent Value offers, or simply leave it at its default setting, which will show you all available coupons, both Premium and Frequent Value.


To redeem a coupon, simply click on the coupon of your choice from the main page.  This will then bring you to the detail page for this specific coupon:

From here, click on “Get Coupon.”  A notification will pop-up asking you to confirm your order.  If you want to continue to redeem this coupon, simply click “Print Coupon.”  Please note that once you click “Print Coupon” you must print it within 15 minutes, or the offer will expire.

Now a new page will open up with your printable coupon.  Click on “Print” and you’re ready to go.  All coupons will expire two weeks after you print them.  Here’s a helpful hint – do not refresh this page before you print.:

We are so thrilled to be able to offer such fantastic savings at such a low and affordable Swag Buck price.  Whether you’re enjoying a meal at China Grill at a 20% discount, checking out the Grammy museum with complimentary admission, responsibly getting your oil changed at Valvoline for $10 off, or finally getting that pair of shoes you’ve been wanting from Skechers now that you have $15 off, we’re confident that this introduction of Local Deals will make a positive difference in your life, no matter how big or how small.