Fashion Icon Taylor Swift

Hi guys – this is Ashley.  Just yesterday I was hanging out on the Swagbucks Facebook Wall, and I had a little chat about Taylor Swift with Swaggnernaut Kevin Caccavalla.  Kevin admitted that he is now becoming a fan of Taylor, thanks to her newest album, RED.  Anyone who knows me knows about my obsession with Taylor Swift.  Not only does she have a beautiful voice, she writes her own music, she plays multiple instruments, she’s America’s Sweetheart, and more recently, she’s a fashion icon.  Talk about a successful young woman!  Her down-to-earth, grounded attitude is what keeps me infatuated with her.  Even among all her worldwide fame, Taylor Swift remains the good, classy girl she’s always been.  Not many young stars can say the same thing.  Check out this video from SBTV where Taylor is seen sporting the latest fashion trends all over the globe!

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