How To Get The BEST Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals

As some of you may know, we have a very influential blogger program here at Swagbucks.  Every so often, we like to showcase one of the influencers that we feel would be beneficial to all our Swaggernauts.  Here is a guest post from Melea of

I have a big confession to make. I know a lot of people head to the stores early, early on Black Friday to get all of the deals. But, I always get my items online, with free shipping while hanging out in my pajamas. And, guess what?? I usually get the same in-store deals for the same price, and usually even cheaper!! I don’t have to deal with the crowds, crazy people, or fight over the item I need for my family. If you are the type who likes to go to the Black Friday Sales as a traditional thing, or just for fun, go for it! If not, then, let me share with you how I score the BEST Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals from the comfort of my own home.

  1. First, you need to make a list of those Hot Ticket Items that you are trying to find a good deal on. It may be the Xbox, the new Nintendo Wii U, or one of the Top 25 Toys for 2012.
  2. Take a quick look around online and find the price on those items right now. I always check Walmart.comAmazon.comTarget.comBest and You can write down those prices on a Spreadsheet or piece of paper and have it handy by your computer.
  3. Stores are starting to officially release their Black Friday ads. For example, Best Buy did yesterday! So, you can already see what prices they will have on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday. And, if you want a Sneak Peak of Black Friday Ads, you can head to They usually get their hands on them early. However- don’t place all of your confidence in them. Sometimes ads can change or prices can change from that leaked version. So as soon as the store officially released the ad on their own website, you can double check the prices there.
  4. Write down the BEST Black Friday price on that item right next to the price it is right now. This is your special “Cheat Sheet”. If you find a price online that is better than that Black Friday price, BUY IT! Don’t wait for Black Friday. And honestly, you shouldn’t. I can’t tell you how many items I actually purchased before Black Friday for cheaper than the Black Friday price just because I knew it was going to be cheaper- using the method above. (One of the best places to find these cheaper before “Black Friday” prices is Plus, they offer FREE Shipping on any order that totals $25 or more!)
  5. On Cyber Monday, you can get Free Shipping from just about every store.  So, plan on that first of all.  But it is also a make-up day for all of the stores who didn’t sell enough on Black Friday.  So you can find some great prices then as well!  If you didn’t get what you wanted on Black Friday, wait for Cyber Monday and see what they offer to get you to purchase!

If you are too busy to create your “Cheat Sheet”, or if you find it a little overwhelming, you are welcome to visit throughout the days from now till Christmas. I have my own “Cheat Sheet” for all of the hottest items and once I find great prices on those items, I post them for my readers. I will also be putting together a BEST Black Friday List the week of Thanksgiving. So, you can use that as well to help find the store who has the items on your Christmas List for the cheapest!

Hope I can help you out this Holiday Seaon!

“Shop Early, Save More!”


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