Poll Round-Up – Week of November 3, 2012

Hey Swaggernauts! I hope everyone had a happy Monday! Let’s check out the results from last week’s Daily Polls.


If a business is offering free samples or free items, that is their prerogative and my receiving of these items should not depend on my purchases.  In other words, if Godiva is offering free chocolate-covered strawberries, I am taking one!  Heck, I might even come back for seconds!  This question, though, reminds me of a scene from Family Guy – watch it here.


When I saw this next poll, I said to myself, yet out loud, what is “YOLO”?  I was then bombarded by 3 of my coworkers – “You don’t know what YOLO means?”  “You’ve never heard of YOLO?”  “You only live once, Swag Gal!”  I need to brush up on my slang!


I absolutely love magic tricks.  We actually have a resident magician here at Swag Central.  Check out Ron’s slight of hand trick here.  The only problem I have with magic, is that after every single trick I get frustrated trying to decode how it was done.  Can you do any magic tricks?


I was a PC girl until very recently, when I made the switch to the MacBook Pro.  I have to say – I am now a very big fan.  It’s easy for me to navigate and I haven’t had any problems since my purchase.  I even went out and bought myself an iPad so that I can have a portable Mac (I haven’t jumped on the iPhone bus, yet).


I don’t play the lottery very regularly – I’m not usually very lucky and I’m not a big gambler.  However, I do pick up some $1 scratch offs every now and then – just for fun.  I actually won 50 bucks off of a $1 scratch off once – ah, that was a good day!


With so many exciting announcement lately, Swagbucks is more rewarding than ever!  We’ve lowered the prices on Gift Cards, opened the gates to limitless rewards, introduced Discounts & Savings, and we are also now offering Expedited Shipping on all Amazon.com Gift Cards.  For more information, click here.


It looks like most of our Swaggernauts typically work best alone.  Although I would always prefer to be surrounded by people, I, too, can work more efficiently by myself.  Less distraction equals more productivity.


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