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Welcome to the Swagbucks Book Club.  We have a bunch of info to get through today so hold on tight.

Thank you to everyone who voted last week for our next reading choice. The winner is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Put those new lower priced Amazon or Barnes & Noble gift cards to use on this classic. Not enough Swag Bucks? Check out the Alibris Book Store in Swagbucks Shop & Earn where you can get 3 Swag Bucks per dollar (by the way, I saw copies for just $0.99 this morning). Another option is to scour the Special Offers for various book clubs like Audiobooks.com that currently offers 990 Swag Bucks back. And finally there is always your local library. We will be discussing this much loved novel on Friday November 30th.

Quick synopsis of Pride and Prejudice:

In a remote Hertfordshire village, far off the good coach roads of George III’s England, Mr. and Mrs. Bennet — a country squire of no great means and his scatterbrained wife — must marry off their five vivacious daughters. At the heart of this all-consuming enterprise are the headstrong second daughter Elizabeth and her aristocratic suitor Fitzwilliam Darcy, two lovers in whom pride and prejudice must be overcome before love can bring the novel to its magnificent conclusion.




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Our next bit of news is in response to some requests from our June collection of Swaggernaut Authors.  Swaggernaut Warriorkona, author of Tales of Pixie the Cat and Newfoundland Nights, is excited to announce  both books are now available in paperback.  They are available for purchase at Amazon.com and Createspace.com for $6.99 each. Check out our discussion with the author here.  We will be featuring published authors that are also Swaggernauts again within the next few months so if you are an author and would like to participate please send an email to bookclub@swagbucks.com.

Are you looking for a new book to read? Then our final piece of information is for you; a review submitted by Swaggernaut Als898 who recommends The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood.

The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood as reviewed by Als898.

If there ever was a book that could appeal to the masses, it’s The Handmaid’s Tale. An older published work but one that contains a far-reaching message to current and future generations, The Handmaid’s Tale is a prolific warning of the dangers of sacrificing human rights and a captivating tale of the main character’s world since she has lost her own. Margaret Atwood’s tale was first published in 1986 and is still considered a liberal classic and for good reason. Though some may be put of by it’s general classification as sci-fi lit, this story more belongs in the classification of a near future dystopia.
Atwood creates an exaggerated, yet all-too-real, futuristic melodrama based upon the realization of a time and place where women are treated as tools for a “greater good” that, contrary to the somewhat aristocratic group in the novel, is not really good at all. The plot of the story culminates in the thought-provoking idea of how easy it would be for society to transgress into a model of Atwood’s intriguing and horrifying imaginations. Atwood’s novel is an ideally thought-initiating must read for everyone because, unlike the more popular “culture shocks” our generation held in such esteem nowadays, it is truly a book of the ages.
Whether one agrees with the basic plot or not, it does prompt the question, what would you do? If you found your rights stripped away from you in such a grotesque manner, what would you do as a result or find yourself capable of resorting to? Secondly, it prompts the reader to examine what we have done. As our rights become such hot topic conversations nearing election times or simply in an everyday conversation; what have we done to protect our rights or what rights do we believe we should have that we don’t?
The very best books often have the ability to stimulate thought and imagination; they take us to faraway lands and crazy far-fetched adventures and each one has some small yet great power to become a part of us. To shape how we view our reality and ourselves. The Handmaid’s Tale does exactly that. It is liberation and captivation combined from cover to cover.

If you would like to submit a review of your favorite book follow Als898’s lead and submit 2-4 paragraphs to bookclub@swagbucks.com and if yours is featured you will be awarded 500 Swag Bucks!

Today’s Question: Do you find you read more during the winter or the summer? 

Have a great week, see you next Friday with more book fun.