Swagbucks Book Club – Moving Pictures

Welcome to the Swagbucks Book Club where we meet every Friday to talk all things books.  Today I want to expand on that and discuss movies that are based on books.

Undoubtedly, the biggest box office winner at the end of this weekend will be the final Twilight installment, Breaking Dawn – Part 2.  That will certainly overshadow the limited release of the latest telling of Tolstoy’s classic, Anna Karenina featuring Keira Knightley. (Shameless plug time: Keira Knightly also starred in the 2005 version of  Pride and Prejudice, this month’s Swagbucks Book Club selection with discussion on November 30).

Also coming up this Christmas is The Great Gatsby with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Often the movie is criticized for not living up to the book.  This raises a few topics we can discuss.

  1.  Are there any movies you feel are as good as, or possibly even better, than the book?
  2. Do you tend to seek out movies based on your favorite books or do you instead avoid them?
  3. Are there any books that you hope are never made into movies?
  4. Are there any upcoming movie versions of classics you are particularly looking forward to seeing?

Join in the conversation and you just might find yourself 25 Swag Bucks richer on Monday as I will choose 10 contributors to be awarded.