TSG’s Tips – Staying Informed On Facebook

Did you remember to change your clocks?  TSG certainly enjoyed that extra hour of sleep – ahh, feeling nice and refreshed this morning.  Now for some important business.  Are you part of the 1.2+ million who have liked Swagbucks on Facebook?  Not only is our Facebook page a great way to stay up-to-date on all things Swagbucks, but it’s a place for friendly conversations with fellow Swaggernauts, engaging with TSGal, myself, and the rest of the Swagbucks team, finding exclusive Swag Codes, and participating in rewarding activities, such as Caption Contests, Brain Teasers, Hangman, and more!

Due to recent Facebook changes, your notification settings may be inhibiting you from staying informed about Swagbucks.  To ensure that you are maximizing the benefit of “Liking” us on Facebook, you may need to adjust your settings.  To do this, visit our Facebook page.  From here, simply hover over “Liked” and select “Show in News Feed.”

And voila!  Now you won’t miss any important updates, exciting announcements, or earning opportunities via Facebook.  I know, I know…you’re welcome!

What do you like best about the Swagbucks Facebook Page?